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  1. Meet the team – Sergio!

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    Say hi to Sergio Fadel! 

    Sergio is currently working with #research and #development (R&D) at Liba Bröd. A challenging yet fun task that includes activities that the company undertakes to innovate and introduce new products. 

    We asked Sergio what he likes most about his job: 

    «The answer is easy, being a part of bringing the company forward! My task is to identify what we lack in our assortment and how we can fill that gap. It is both a challenging and fulfilling #job, with a lot of variety» 

    What is your favorite part about Liba Bröd as a #workplace

    «Being a part of a #community that promotes personal development and that the company gives me space to grow. In addition to that, it is my colleagues, of course. It may sound like a clichée, but I really mean it!» 


  2. Meet the team – Louise

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    Meet Louise Severinsson, our Social Media Coordinator! Louise is the latest addition to the marketing department, and her job consists of making sure that our #communication on our social channels is on-brand. Furthermore, she does campaign planning and create relevant #content for our target audiences. Her main focus during 2020 is to highlight the possibilities with our bread through inspiring recipes on #Youtube, #Facebook and #Instagram. According to Louise, being up-to-date and knowing how your followers behave are two important keys to succeeding. “It’s really an exciting position that is constantly subject to change. What is relevant today isn’t necessarily relevant tomorrow. To understand how we humans interact on different channels is something that never stops being interesting!” What would you say is the best part about working at #LibaBröd? “To be able to work with such a kick-ass #marketing team who constantly pushes you forward, and cheers you on. This combination allows me to develop as a person, and become better at what I do.Having the #opportunity to work both strategically and creatively, while at the same time work with one of my biggest interests … well, it’s simply the best of both worlds. Super fun if you ask me!”

  3. Meet the team – Tobias

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    Meet Tobias Larsson, Quality and Food Coordinator! Tobias is one of several others who keeps an extra eye on the quality of food that goes out to our #customers. His job consists of continually assuring a high and satisfactory #quality of products, keeping track and control of processes, and also making sure that we are always improving. He loves working with food, as it is a “living” product. There is a lot that you need to be knowledgeable about and up-to-date on, as in this line of #business one can never compromise or bend the rules, as quality is everything. “My work contains of quality control and staff training on food safety. I really appreciate the company is always striving to expand and further #develop itself, which of course brings on a a lot of workload on our department. I think it’s both challenging, and very fun at the same time!” What is the best part about Liba Bröd? “I’d have to say the dynamic between the staff. We have a lot of colleagues from different countries and backgrounds, which creates a wonderful mix of people, all gathered at one #workplace”.