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  1. Smarketing

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    During Q3 and Q4 of 2020, sales and marketing will work together even closer than before, and in doing so form a #Smarketing team. We do this to give ourselves a better chance of helping one another, and together reach our full potential by providing, pin point and acknowledge #market demands and customer needs.

    Both departments will function as support for each other, and will be able to provide the other with the right tools and information. By doing so, we believe that we have a higher chance of reaching our #goals.

    In the past week we started this new #cooperation with a wonderful kick-off! We discussed in which ways we can help each other, why we should help each other, and also showed a glimpse of upcoming projects. Super exciting, to say the least!


  2. Behind the bread

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    At first glance, flatbread as a product might easily be perceived as modest and simple. But the fact is, there are a lot of different types with heaps of science, tradition and trial & error that have contributed to the Liba Bröd we know today. 

    In our assortment, you will find five different types of flatbread. Each one baked in a specific way, with different ingredients and #processes. Some of them are coarser, and some are fluffier. Others have more texture, and some have a softer consistency than the original bread. What they all have in common, is that they have oriental roots, are completely #vegan and free of #additives – with an incredible amount of heart and #passion baked into them. 

    For us, flatbread is all about cultural heritage, a craft and a skill. We devote all of our time to testing, tasting and feeling, to never stop improving. We do this, so that our #customers can continue to enjoy a fantastic bread, made to feel simple.

  3. Check out our new project!

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    During the past week, our exciting and awaited cooperation with ICA Gruppen started. You can now find several of our tasty recipes brought to you by our #marketing department on their website (link at the end of this post). It has been an amazingly fun #project to work on. We produced tailored recipes for how to make the best Liba-pizzas and Liba-snacks (but of course, you probably already know that the possibilities with our bread does not stop there …) On the ICA #website thousands of people gather #inspiration for different meals and occasions, so for us it feels amazingly great to be presented there. You can find our recipes here;

  4. Our CEO

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    “To me, it is more than just a job. It is about carrying a flag with huge pride.”

    Our CEO Elias Fadel is the sixth generation whom cherish the art of baking genuine flatbread. You have been with the family bakery Liba Bröd for almost six years now! Looking back, what aspects of being here are you particularly fond of? “Being a part of a very warm and vibrant #workplace. There is a mutual understanding here that behind each individual at Liba Bröd there is a story, where every employees’ unique skill set and background are valued. A lot of focus is put into creating a workplace for #community and happiness!” According to Elias, working at a bakery might not always be quite what you would expect. “Believe it or not, working as a CEO at a bakery is more dynamic than you might think. At Liba Bröd we continuously re-evaluate our offers and ourselves, in order to provide our #customers with an adaptiveness and flexibility. But, what makes this place truly unique as a workplace is the balance between professionalism and fun, making it a wonderful place to spend your working hours.“ The decision to work in the family #business, was it an easy one? “To me, it is more than just a job. It is about carrying a flag with huge pride.”

  5. Marketing Manager – Eliane

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    Today we’re having a chat with the #Marketing Manager of Liba Bröd – Eliane Fadel She is driven by challenges, that’s when she’s right in her element. As a company with an ever increasing #growth, with short chains of decision making and where the board unanimously agrees that we always need to be better, she feels right at home. What is the best part about your #job? “It’s the opportunity to have a #team of my own. When the team grows in their ability to deliver a higher level of #work it challenges you to grow. It motivates me to continuously deliver the best performance that I possibly can. To optimize our work processes and match the right competence with the current goal!” What do you like most about Liba Bröd as a #workplace? “The youthful spirit that promotes a creative work environment. We hold a huge amount of respect for each other, and we value each others competence. This is, if you ask me, what I see as the biggest contributing factor to the strong sense of #community that we have.”

  6. Project day

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    During 2020, the #marketing and #sales departments will work more closely than ever before. We have a lot of different #projects brewing. It’s important that we utilize the two departments respective #competence to the fullest. If we do this, we make sure that the end result as experienced by the customer, be it #B2B or #B2C, is as great as it possibly can become. In the picture we see Eliane Fadel and Louise Severinsson, who are planning some of the upcoming #campaigns for #2020. It will be an eventful year, to say the least!

  7. Meet our graphic & digital designer

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    Meet our graphic & digital designer – Stephanie Fadel! A big part of Stephanie’s work related responsibilities consists of implementing thoughts, ideas and design for printed material. She graduated as a digital #designer 2018 and ever since she finished her studies she’s been with us here at Liba Brod. When we ask her what the best part about her #workplace is, she has this to say: “The sense of #community, the possibility for personal growth and being able to participate in taking the company forward. I love the opportunity to be creative, and that thinking outside the box is something we’re encouraged to do.” We also asked her what she thinks is the most exciting thing about her workplace: “That is, without a doubt, me being able to be a part in creating new designs. Wether its package design for new products or point of sales marketing material, I’m always being involved in the process from sketch to production. Then, my colleagues are a huge part of my everyday life. It’s them who motivates me and make me perform to the absolute max!” During 2020, Stephanie will focus her talent on creating our in-store marketing material, which is shown in a sneak peek in the picture below. We think it’s looking great! #behindthebread#libabröd #libabrod

  8. Kick off – conference

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    Kick off – conference

    Two weeks ago, we had a kick off-conference/workshop focused on reaching this years #goals in the best way possible. In doing this, we also passed around valuable input and suggestions to each others departments. This week, we followed up on our #workshop and each department presented how they will proceed with the inputs they got from last meeting. Beyond reaching a common ground in our goals, we have also achieved the opportunity to engage in our #colleagues work, which strengthens the unity as well as ignites the energy. #2020 will be a tough one, sweaty, intense and lots of fun for all departments. A lot of focus will lie on continued #growth and streamlining our processes. Also, we’re going to do what we do best – bake a lot of bread!