Meet our graphic & digital designer

Meet our graphic & digital designer – Stephanie Fadel! A big part of Stephanie’s work related responsibilities consists of implementing thoughts, ideas and design for printed material. She graduated as a digital #designer 2018 and ever since she finished her studies she’s been with us here at Liba Brod. When we ask her what the best part about her #workplace is, she has this to say: “The sense of #community, the possibility for personal growth and being able to participate in taking the company forward. I love the opportunity to be creative, and that thinking outside the box is something we’re encouraged to do.” We also asked her what she thinks is the most exciting thing about her workplace: “That is, without a doubt, me being able to be a part in creating new designs. Wether its package design for new products or point of sales marketing material, I’m always being involved in the process from sketch to production. Then, my colleagues are a huge part of my everyday life. It’s them who motivates me and make me perform to the absolute max!” During 2020, Stephanie will focus her talent on creating our in-store marketing material, which is shown in a sneak peek in the picture below. We think it’s looking great! #behindthebread#libabröd #libabrod