Meet the team – Nour

Meet Nour Habli, our bouncy and lovely order receiver! Nour has been with us here at Liba Bröd for three years, and her #responsibility lies in receiving and handling all of our orders. An important part of her work is building the relationship between Liba Bröd and the customers, and that we succeed in conveying our #knowledge and #passion in not only our products, but also in the day to day interaction with the people we work with. When we ask Nour what she thinks is the best part about her work, she has this to say: «The best part about my job is the possibility to get to know our customers. My job is built upon the notion of understanding the customers’ needs, and being able to provide them with the best service possible, regardless of the situation. This part becomes so much easier when you have had the possibility of building the #relationship up from the start! With the regular contact you build a kind of special bond, and the customers feel like colleagues. They really bring a lot of positive energy into my daily work!» And Nour, what do you think is the best part about #LibaBröd as a workplace? «That every day feels like coming home! My colleagues really feel like my very own, special little family. It truly is a wonderful place to work.»